URA Skyline Web Magazine

Skyline Newsletter. A quarterly guide to the latest projects and developments on urban planning, conservation, architecture and property in Singapore.

This is a design proposal for URA.


My Role

I am one of the UI / UX designer for URA Skyline magazine web version proposal. Their goal is to make a web version for their quarterly newspaper.

The Problem

Their newspaper is only for print, so they want to make sure users can view as well on the web which is in a form of website because what are they using to view it on the web is thru PDF.

Experience Strategy and Vision

I created frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy. My Project manager and I used to go for meetings with URA staff to gather information such as what content and expectation would they like for the proposed web version of the newspaper.




Design Execution & Validation

As much as possible, it needs to be clear and clean and at the same time it is the same design print version of the newspaper.



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